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1 HOUR Coaching Call


This is for one 1 Hour coaching call with Dyann. This includes follow up emails etc.

These sessions are for men (or women) who want feedback on a particular incident or an ongoing problem in their lives.

I have a vast array of helpful advice and healing techniques to aide our conversation.

I am not judgmental at all. The only thing that will turn me away is a lack of respect for what we are doing; whether that's toward me or yourself.

Sometimes, what you want to say is so sensitive a gentle breeze could cut you like a razor.

A face to face encounter with a therapist is intimidating and uncomfortable. You feel too exposed.

And especially if you're a man, telling your buddies is out of the question too.

So where do you turn?

You can turn right here ---> to a mature woman who has heard some of the deepest darkest things in a man's (or woman's) mind.

I can give you advice that is practical and immediately applicable.

I can leave you with something to think about and incorporate into your philosophy.

My coaching work also includes distance energy healing. No matter what your beliefs, having someone request Divine help for you is one of the most powerful things a human being can do for one another.

If you haven't already done so, please contact me, Dyann, to set up a time to talk.

Email me to get started:

Have a sensual day.

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This is for one 1 Hour coaching call with Dyann Bridges.

1 Hour Coaching Call With Dyann
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1 HOUR Coaching Call

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