KAMALA FARASH - A Series of Sensual Short Stories


Kamala Farash is an intelligent and beautiful young woman of Irish and East Indian descent who comes home to her family's horse ranch for Christmas break.

In the morning, Kamala has an accidental sighting of her parents in bed and later an unexpected tryst with the newly hired, restless and rugged, ranch hand.

The stories progress through several years of Kamala's life and sexual adventures.

Kamala is also a gifted psychic. She often gets information from her main spirit guide who counsels her on her love life.

These stories deal with explicit sexual encounters between thinking, passionate men and women who have tremendous desire for each other and a lust for life.

If you like your erotica a little on the literary side and fully on the heterosexual side, then you'll want to follow the lovely Kamala through her sexual adventures.

Absolutely NO AI involved.

This author prides herself on the hard won wisdom gained by interacting with men.

An emphasis on the delicious dance of male/female dynamics runs throughout her sensual stories.

They are neither to tawdry or too tame, meant to stimulate both mind and body. Enjoy.


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KAMALA FARASH - A Series of Sensual Short Stories

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