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The Relaters COURSE For Men

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This course was made by a mature woman for men. I've priced this course way below comparable dating and relating products.

I want you here for the long run. I want to have the ability to go deep into yourself as a man to connect intimately with a good woman.

Our society and our world depend upon men and women supporting and caring for each other.

This course, the book, my podcast, the social media accounts and my websites are my contribution to that end.

I hope you'll join me. {More below}

As an introductory offer ---> buying access to this course includes one phone session with Dyann!

Additionally, this course will consistently be updated with new insights and content exclusive to The Relaters (students) of this course.

I've learned some hard won lessons and gained some priceless insight into the dynamics between men and women. Without an understanding of male and female energies relationships tend to be filled with tension and misunderstandings.

Have a look at the video below to get an idea of what this (way under priced) video course can do for you...

It's tough out there today, isn't?

Women are more like men and men are becoming more like women... all the time.

Well, this course is about finding your way through the cultural mess and becoming a greater, stronger man.

I know it's difficult. Women have to learn to embody their feminine energy. Men must own their masculine authority.

It's the only way through this backwards dating and relating landscape.

And that's my specialty... male/female dynamics. Why?

Because I was really bad at it when I was younger. I was 'programmed' like most everyone is, to think that being hard was being strong.

When in fact, it takes greater strength to be sensitive without being a push over, vulnerable without being a victim and soft without disappearing.

Both men and women have a difficult time navigating their way through the relationship landscape. However, men are the natural leaders. It's supposed to be that way.

Men should notice and initiate. Women should decide and yield. In the end, honoring the energy and biology we were born into is the best (and only) way to grow.

Let's relate and grow together. I'm also available for live calls.

Thank you for being here. Stay strong and have a very sensual day, Dyann Bridges xoxo

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This course digs deep into the dynamics between men and women. It's packed with insight and immediately practical advice. As an introductory offer ---> This off includes ONE PHONE SESSION with Dyann!

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The Relaters COURSE For Men

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