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Like The Body House and think your content might be right for the theme?

I'd love to post! There are just a few stipulations.


  • #1 - Your content must be geared toward a heterosexual male audience.
  • #2 - The content must be sensual and not pornographic.


  • Anything on Tantra or FBSM massage are Welcome
  • Fictional Short Stories (Please see the Submissions page at:
  • Sensual products (no dildos please)
  • Sexy clothing for her as a gift from him
  • UNIQUE Dating or Relating advice
  • TRUE stories of Your own relationship or dating experiences and what you learned from it

If there's something you'd like to post that is not mentioned here please contact me.


  • A permanent link back to your website
  • Circulation through my social media repeatedly when the post is first published
  • A front page graphic linking internally to the content which will stay in place for up to a month
  • A mention and a link in the monthly newsletter

To start the process please contact me at the email below.

Thank you, Dyann Bridges

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Advertise on The Body House

Advertise on The Body House

Advertise on The Body House

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