'No House Is Safe' Original Pulp Fiction Short Story by Dyann Bridges

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'No House Is Safe' Original Pulp Fiction Short Story by Dyann Bridges

The Body House

'No House Is Safe' is one of Dyann Bridges' original short stories. It's the first in a series starring the luscious, yet vicious CIA agent Lynda Lake.

Set in 1947, we watch Lynda interact with a host of male characters. She uses her mind control training, feminine wiles and extraordinary psychic ability to extract and implant information into her target's minds.

As talented and beautiful as she is, Lynda is still mortal. Espionage is a dangerous job and Agent Lynda Lake loves every minute of it.

Read the first few paragraphs from this 8 page short pulp fiction story below...


There was a loud bang as she ducked and ran. A chunk of the brick wall next to her flew off. She sprinted toward her car as quickly as her patent leather pumps could take her; which was pretty fast. She often practiced running in her pumps for just such occasions.

She arrived at her new 1947 Fiat 1100 S and crouched down behind it. The beautiful redhead surreptitiously surveilled the street, pulled her keys out of her clutch, hopped in and began to drive as fast as she dared.

It was a successful mission. Mostly. Lynda Lake, espionage agent extraordinaire, had implanted the suggestion into her target's mind. She did this using all her considerable wiles, mentalism techniques and a tiny bit of government approved LSD in his drink.

It's too bad she'd been made...

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