Bettie Page Photo Pack (750 Images with RESELLER RIGHTS)


Do you love Bettie Page? I do too.

She was special wasn't she?

It's getting harder and harder to find vintage erotica these days.

But you're in luck!

The Body House brand is dedicated to celebrating vintage sensuality in all its forms. I go digging around the internet to find these gems and bring them to you. Sometimes I pay for them and sometimes they are free.

Either way, if I think the media is interesting or important enough, I will post them as a paid product or include them in my blog.

You can always visit The Body House website or join my Substack newsletter for free to stay connected to vintage babes!


This pack of 750 digital photos of Bettie Page from the 1950s depicts Bettie in all her glory. She is either fully or partially undressed.

There is nothing lurid about these photos. They are just hot and sensual.

You can do with these pictures what you want. RESELL RIGHTS!

Print them up on any item you like. Edit them and use them in another piece of art. You can give them away or even resell them if you wish.

Bettie belongs to all of us now. This digital RESELLERS photo pack is a ticket back in time... to something simpler, sweeter and more sensual, Enjoy!

I want this!

You will be given a pdf with the download link immediately upon payment.

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Bettie Page Photo Pack (750 Images with RESELLER RIGHTS)

I want this!