ONE MONTH of Energy Protection Sessions (For Those In Danger of Spiritual & Psychological Attacks)


ONE MONTH of Energy Protection Sessions (For Those In Danger of Spiritual & Psychological Attacks)

The Body House

This service is for energy protection work for those in a high stress position such as;

  • the medical field
  • teaching
  • erotic providers
  • law/government
  • those suffering great loss or grief

For just ONE SESSION of energy protection work please go here:


Many people are sinking into depression, anger and confusion in our world. Our spirits and psyche are under tremendous strain.

Those in high stress jobs are under even greater stress. This service is for those who feel they need extra help shielding their aura and spirit from negativity in their workplace and other areas of their lives.

There is follow up by email and phone with Dyann included with the sessions.

It's extremely difficult to deal with clients or patients on a close or even intimate basis. They bring their own anger, grief and negative emotions them.

Often times they'll release much of that dark energy onto you as their caregiver.

It's vital that you protect yourself from this onslaught. The work you do can be dangerous, but it's also very important.

Not everyone is able to shield themselves from a negative onslaught of energy. Self care is critical to keeping you mentally and physically well.

You may need this protection for an extended period of time (month to month) OR you may find one or two sessions are enough with a "tune up" every 3-6 months.

After ONE session many people feel immediately better.

We can discuss it to see how you feel and what you might need (now and going forward).

If you're not sure what this service can do for you please email me below and I'll get back to you ASAP. We could even speak on the phone if you'd like.

Please contact Dyann by email with questions. If you have already paid please contact me so we can get started on the protection work.

Send an email: thebodyhouse.biz@gmail.com

This product is not currently for sale.

This session is for ONE MONTH of energy protection work.

ONE MONTH of Energy Protection Sessions
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